Friday, April 24, 2015

TGM Mister Geode's first day out.

September 9, 2014    TRIPLE GOLD MORGAN FARM     Yahk, B.C.

Mares and Foals heading out for grass mid morning

To the far left is ICU Topaz Mist and her little 4 day old colt, TGM Mister Geode,  born September 5, 2014.  This is Geode's first herd experience.  

Going right, is Logan's Royal Jessica, the lead mare and her foal TGM Royal Stardust born June 28, 2014; then TGM Aurora Borealis born June 11, 2014 and her mom Logan's Sun Dancer.  In the background is Dancer's yearling son, TGM Fancy Freddy Boy.  

They just love their 200 acre home in this quiet little valley in Yahk, B.C.

TGM Mister Geode gearing up!

 Geode going the other way

Look out Remmington, new mom is being protective!

Zebeau and freddy

2013 Foal Crop
Progeny of Leander's Grand Prix (Scoot)

TGM Royal Zeabeau                                  TGM Fancy Freddy Boy

These two little boys were my first foals to my new herd in 2013.  They were born robust and healthy.  As of 2014,  Zeabeau lives with his new owner in Alberta.  He has two white socks on the hind legs, with a very light mane and tail.   He is quite the character and has been since birth.  

Freddy Boy still lives at home.  He is my best buddy and I love working with him.  He is a good and kind brother to the new foals in 2014 and he thinks he is their protector.  The mares don't mind him around, so he pastures with the herd. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014



It was Love at first sight!
The line of Triple Gold Morgans (TGM) started with the purchase of three Palomino Morgan horses.  After a thirty year lapse of owning and training horses, I decided to search for my dream of raising my own Morgans and training them my way. 

I was very impressed with the quality and the lineage of the horses at a breeding farm in Alberta. I was also impressed with the love and care that the horse owner/breeder had for the horses.

These three palominos inspired me to preserve the old classic Morgan lines.  

Meet McCarr Calico Gold 

Isn't he beautiful!!!

Our Stallions

Leander's Grand Prix
Leander's Grand Prix is nicknamed Scoot.  He is a wonderful guy, gentle and trustworthy, well trained in Cutting and was in competitions in his early years. He is very fancy and could have done well in dressage as well. His progeny inherit his nature, attributes of movement, strong body and great conformation.  He is a pleasure to have and work around, smooth riding and athletic. We have enjoyed him in our herd and love his sons and daughters.

Grand Prix has strong Western/Brunk breeding.  His Sire is Ramuls Justin.  His background contains Some of the greats:  Leander's Ace, Montey Vermont and Stetson within the second and third generation.

Our goal is to preserve these original great attributes from the past for as long as we can.

Logan's Flash Finnigan

Logan's Flash Finnigan came to us in 2013.  He was only halter broken but is doing well in his early training.  He is gentle and has an inquisitive nature, good movement and lovely coloring. 

Finnigan has strong Jubilee King breeding. His sire is a Palomino, McCarr's Gold Calico. His Dam is Logan's Sun Dancer who puts great movement on her foals.
Some of the other well known names in his background are: Pines Federko Man (Buckskin), Rocking M Blondie, Leander's Ace, Rulers Royal Jem, Shepherd's Dixie Fry, BeckRidge Como, El-D-Bars Shyals Bay, all within the first three generations.

We felt that Finnigan would be a great asset to our breeding program in preserving these classic Western lines and maybe add some color.