Friday, April 24, 2015

Zebeau and freddy

2013 Foal Crop
Progeny of Leander's Grand Prix (Scoot)

TGM Royal Zeabeau                                  TGM Fancy Freddy Boy

These two little boys were my first foals to my new herd in 2013.  They were born robust and healthy.  As of 2014,  Zeabeau lives with his new owner in Alberta.  He has two white socks on the hind legs, with a very light mane and tail.   He is quite the character and has been since birth.  

Freddy Boy still lives at home.  He is my best buddy and I love working with him.  He is a good and kind brother to the new foals in 2014 and he thinks he is their protector.  The mares don't mind him around, so he pastures with the herd. 

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