Friday, April 24, 2015

TGM Mister Geode's first day out.

September 9, 2014    TRIPLE GOLD MORGAN FARM     Yahk, B.C.

Mares and Foals heading out for grass mid morning

To the far left is ICU Topaz Mist and her little 4 day old colt, TGM Mister Geode,  born September 5, 2014.  This is Geode's first herd experience.  

Going right, is Logan's Royal Jessica, the lead mare and her foal TGM Royal Stardust born June 28, 2014; then TGM Aurora Borealis born June 11, 2014 and her mom Logan's Sun Dancer.  In the background is Dancer's yearling son, TGM Fancy Freddy Boy.  

They just love their 200 acre home in this quiet little valley in Yahk, B.C.

TGM Mister Geode gearing up!

 Geode going the other way

Look out Remmington, new mom is being protective!

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